box of gundams pt.1

i dug a box out of gundam model kits that have not been finished (virtually untouched in the last 3-4 years)

half a gundam

really odd that i managed to finish painting only half of the kit. there’s lint on the shiny black painted parts from the years it was boxed up. i do have the upper body (i didnt take a picture of it) and it looks like i was going to customize it but it’s been so long that i’ve forgotten what it was that i was trying to do.

almost finished zaku

this looks like it’s close to being finished. well the feet is already primered. it just needs to be sanded/cleaned up and primered. i still need to modify the neck (the head needs to be higher off the body so i could pose it with the head down in a more dramatic fashion)

i’ll post a few more of these unfinished stuff some other time.

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