donnie yen / wilson yip movies

cneed to check the old laserdisc place (i still call it the laserdisc place since we used to rent laserdiscs there more than a decade ago) to see if they have Flash Point for rent:

Sha Po Lang Dragon Tiger Gate

this is the 3rd straight collaboration between Donnie Yen and Wilson Yip. Sha Po Lang (aka SPL) renamed Killzone here in the US, and Dragon Tiger Gate (don’t know if a US distributor will release a R1 dvd, i have the Hong Kong dvd though). Flash Point (HK) dvd is out at the end of the month, hopefully it gets a US dvd release soon after (i think Dragon Dynasty/Weinstein already signed to distribute it)

if you look hard enough on youtube, you’ll be able to find just the fight scenes to all the movies listed above.


UPDATE: has the bluray version from taiseng availble for preorder. release date is may 27 ’08

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