current playlist

still havent figured out how to mix dubstep
but i may as well load up on some tracks:
Ale Fillman – Bomb the Selecta / How We Roll
Distance – 1 on 1
Gatekeeper – Tense Past / Let Go
(contains a vocal sample of Alicia Keys “I keep on falling…”)
Toasty – The Knowledge / Like Sun / Take It Personal
TRG – Your Friends Like Techno
(it actually does turn into a techno stomper in the last 2 minutes of the track)
Ed Solo & Skool of Thought – Raspberry Dub
Nyabingi – Cannibal Run

other stuff in current playlist:
Blue Room Project – Liquid Motion (Damien Heck’s New World Breaks mix)
Soultan & Tonedepth ft. Heroic – Back To You (MV’s Back2Breakz Mix)
Walsh & Coutre – Done With Love (Vocal Breaks mix)
Blake Jarell – Destin Beach
Rihanna – Dont Stop The Music (love the michael jackson samples)
Banco De Gaia – Obsidian (The Light vs. PFN remix)
decided to get an unmixed version of this old track
Junkie XL – More (Junk O Flamenco remix)
Girl Nobody – Smile & Beware (16 Bit Lolitas mix) really digging this song/mix,
especially the jane weidlin/stacey q/sally shapiro-esque vocals
Techno Squirrels – Unbelievable (Etain Case remix)
Underworld – Crocodile (various remixes)
16B – Escape (Driving To Heaven)
D-Bridge – Pipe Dreams…nice liquid smooth track. some of his oldest tracks are
still my all-time faves (as the other half of Future Forces to Bad Company UK,
Future Prophecies, Genotype etc…)
Photek – Form & Function Vol.2.
much darker and varied then Vol.1…standout tracks so far are
Baltimore (Tech Itch & Dylan remix), Sidewinder (Hochi remix),
Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (Teebee remix), Full Spectrum Dominance

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