fay ray, obscure 80’s new wave band

saw their video “Heatwave” originally on vh1 classics. i was going to post the youtube video but it has since been taken down by Viacom. you could tell how obscure the band is when there is no cd available of their work (and nary an mp3 on P2Ps when i searched years ago). but, there’s always ebay:

Contact You LP and Promo by Fay Ray

LEFT (front cover): a still shrinkwrapped, mint copy of their album…well, no longer mint since i needed to digitize it
RIGHT (back cover): promo version of the album which i won on ebay for 1 cent, shipping was 6 bucks. i got the promo version a year after i got the regular album.

differences between the two:
audio quality is lower on the promo
the promo is marked “not for resale” on the back
the promo came with this 8×10.25 in. glossy photo (taken by Adrian Boot, 1982)

Contact You band promotional photo
L to R: Jeff Taylor, Owen Hughes, Sheila Macartney, Tony Travis, John Lovering

i love Sheila Macartney’s vocals. i would describe it as “quivering”, similar to Siouxsie Sioux (which is the band Fay Ray is often compared to). it’s used to great effect on the track “Modern Lovers”, an anthemic postpunk pop tune. in the pre-chorus and chorus her voice builds up to where it sounds like she’s at the point of breaking down and crying.

i’ve just placed an order for a fan-made cd (not sure if it really is still available since it’s listed as only 1 in stock) here’s the description:

Fay Ray – Contact You – CD – 9.99 USD
Usa This is a wonderful fan made CD, (not a silver CD), containing Fay Ray`s brilliant album `Contact You`, with the addition of 6 rare bonus tracks. The sound has been brilliantly restored. Comes with high quality inserts and label. different morning, heatwave, love is strange, modern lovers, contact you, family affairs, cold as steel, consequences, clean lines, wargames, bonus tracks: didn`t have to say that, i wish, do what you want to do (live), dreams of heat (live), modern lovers (live), family affairs (original single mix)

edit: tonytravis has a few of their videos up on his youtube channel.

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