inhaler mix (extended version)

first inhaler mix was a bit short.

inhaler dubstep mix by alaundre

inhaler version 2 in the MIXES section. *edit: download at resonantvibes.

1 hr, 20 minutes. tracklist:

Intro (Burial – Shell of Light)
Gatekeeper – Let Go
Matty G – Bitter Love
Modeselektor ft. Paul St. Hilaire – Let Your Love Grow
Vaccine – Breathless
Wolf Man – Eye Of The Demon
King Soly – Tamil Dub
Toasty – Take It Personal
MRK1 – Devils & Angels
MRK1 – Dr. Rudeboy
Earl Zinger – Story Of The Heaviest Bassline Ever
The Black Ghosts – Some Way Through This (Plastician & Skream remix)
RUF – Rudebwoy Riddim
Nyabingi – Cannibal Run
Math Head – Parasites
MRK1 – Grit
Ale Fillman – How We Roll
Gatekeeper – Tense Past
TRG – Your Friends Like Techno
Math Head – Drop It
RUF – Raw Love
Kanka & Brother Culture – Echo Dub
Ed Solo & Skool of Thought – Rasberry Dub
Sofa Surfers – Long Bone
Obeah – Noise For OHOI!
Toasty – Like Sun
Toasty – The Knowledge

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