Kyle Cooper, motion picture title designer

was just reading an article on him in eye magazine (didnt buy it since the mag cost $28). it was about a decade ago when i first got interested in motion/film titles, and he just happened to be at the forefront of that design discipline that same time period. i actually sent a self-promo back in 1999 to imaginary forces (the firm he co-founded at that time). it wasnt til year 2000 (about 6 or 7 months after) that i recieved an email from them requesting an additional reel/promo. i didn’t respond. i didn’t have any additional promos (and i must’ve been burned out at that time since i never got around to making another promo). that was the closest i got to being an actual multimedia designer, sadly. that’s my al bundy “i scored 4 touchdowns in high school” moment. or in my case “almost sniffed the goal line”.

wired article on kyle cooper
his new studio, prologue films.

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