so, i went to a modeling/talent audition (scam?)

just for giggles. kinda sad really (not for me, for everybody else that went). this is what you get in the mail (the initial hook):

modeling scam

being a designer it’s not that hard to notice the worse-than-pennysaver-hack-flyer design. i guess they weren’t scouting design talent.

and it also came with this letter:

modeling scam

i’ve highlighted the “only being sent to select people” and “space is limited”…i’m guessing “select people” in that “limited space” was more than a hundred applicants (the other hundred or so were parents/family members).

what other fishy stuff alerted the spider senses? i had to wonder how i ended up on their mailing list and why they did not bother to ask about my age (who the hell scouts for old models?). i was actually expecting to be the oldest guy there, but this late-50’s scraggly looking man with a mullet beat me by 20 plus years. there was another guy that was possibly only a few years younger than me. majority of the auditioneers were girls mostly in their teens. the disclaimer on the application form also states something to the effect of “you promise not to be a member of the media of any kind”. this sounds like something Michael Turko would investigate.

now on to the actual audition part:
everybody lines up single file and hands in their application to this Mary Woronov / evil looking rejected Bond Girl / cougar…like an Ilsa the Wicked Warden vibe going for her. i swear, she was purposely highlighting her cleavage for everybody to see so they won’t notice how mean she looks.

then you walk the runway, by walk i mean 5 or 6 steps. then essentially answer 3 questions: what do you want to be, your interest on a scale of 1-10…i dont remember what the 3rd one was (for the younger peeps, the question was about school/grades). that’s it. that’s the audition. not more than 1 or 2 minutes TOTAL. makes you go hmmmmm….in case anybody’s wondering, i said i wanted to be an actor and my interest was a 2 (but i lied and said, “meh, 6”) but they actually wrote 10 plus! on my application. not joking. 10+ (well i was “acting” as if i wanted to be there).

i love the power of teh interwebs (google) when you feel something suspicious. you don’t even need to type the word “scam” as part of this search to get these results. for the other one, you do and the results are almost the same.

i actually did not show up for the “follow up”. would you?

One comment

  1. This is a great example of what our organization strives to crush every day. I am glad you were able to get out of the scam early! We are currently working to shut down an unscrupulous talent agency near Seattle, Washington. Check out our website to find more excellent resources for talent agent scams:

    Do your research before your sign with any talent agent.

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