batman: gotham knight

direct to dvd batman animated short stories coming this summer. similar to Animatrix (some of the same anime studios are working on the segments). also similar to Dark Fury, another direct to dvd animated feature by Peter Chung (of Aeon Flux fame) in that the stories are set in between the Batman Begins movie and the upcoming Dark Knight.

the full sneak preview:

just the anime segments:

link to article and screenshots

Madhouse studios (whose animating one of the stories) is most famous in the west for creating Ninja Scroll. the first work i saw from them was a short called Running Man that was shown in the second season of MTV’s Liquid Television. Liquid Television also used segments of Ninja Scroll in a later season.

The Running Man is available on the dvd Neo Tokyo, which seems to be hard to find these days (i checked and it’s priced at $60!!!). i guess i wont be replacing my Hong Kong version of the dvd just yet.

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