mini rolitoboys blindbox

i normally try not to get blindboxed items unless they were given away for free, but i figured i try this series since i like most of the 12 random choices anyway. Mini Rolitoboy French Kiss Serie (got 5 of them for now)

Mini Rolitoboy French Kiss Serie Blind Box

2 of the items ended up being the same, not so bad since the heads have separate “faces” front and back (and the one that didnt have a duplicate actually has the same face front and back)

2 by Stan and Vince, 2 by Rolito and 1 by La Chienne

mini rolitoboys, stan and vince
mini rolitoboys, rolito
mini rolitoboys, la chienne

i might get more of these, but i’d probably buy some of the unboxed ones first so at least i’ll get at least 1 of each version

mini rolitoboys
mini rolitoboys
mini rolitoboys

go to rolitoland

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