late to the glowstick party mix

e-retro-nic mix

Moby : Patients
L.S.G. : Into Deep (Medway Remix)
Sound Of K : Silvery Sounds (Technasia Remix)
System 7 / Derrick May : Mysterious Traveller (Groovy Intent Mix)
Burial : Archangel (Leif Remix)
Laurent Garnier : Flashback (Laboratoire Remix)
Wink : Higher State Of Conciousness (The 611 Acid Groove Mix)
Jungle Brothers: House You
Farley Jackmaster Funk : The Acid Life
Jeff Mills : DNA
Laurent Garnier : Crispy Bacon
Darren Price : Phizz
Zoo Brazil : Wow!
The Prodigy : Outta Space (Profanation Likes To Cover Remix)
Phil Kieran : I Love You
Empirion : Narcotic Influence
Underworld : Cherry Pie

(i trainwrecked a few parts, but hey i don’t do this for a living)

in the M I X E S section under House.

you can buy the David Horvath Yoya Monkey at Yoyamart (the brown version is no longer available)

EDIT: Available by request.

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