current playlist (videos and such)

i feel like having Siouxsie with my Banshees


Pseudo Echo – A Beat For You (this is actually the first record i ever bought…i was 9?)


i seem to remember watching a broadcast of this full concert when i was younger,
Tears For Fears – The Working Hour (live)



Natalie Walker – Waking Dream (King Britt remix)
…lovely, i should actually go get her full album (and her work with Daughter Darling)
Santogold – Anne…kinda reminds me of Martha Davis/The Motels, new waveish
Snoop Dogg feat. Robyn – Sexual Eruption (Fyre Department remix)
Tittsworth – Eye Whips Pussy…it’s funny to me
Mistabishi – Falling in Love
Total Science – Up In Smoke
Phil Green & Shokk – Fascination (Syke’N Sugarstarr remix)
…there’s a small bit where they cover U2’s New Year’s Day in the track
Bungle – Good Times
Hi Tack – Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U)…cheesy dance take of Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney’s song
Rob F – Resistance (DJ Optiv remix)
Heavy Defiance – The Rhythm it Hits EP…cool cover artwork to boot
Uncle Sam – Round The World Girls (Tes La Rok remix)
Tes La Rok – Ignition
Puscifer – Queen B (Narcovice Mix) may as well post the dope lyrics:

This lady got the thickness
Can I get a witness
This lovely lady got the thickness
Can I get a Hell Yeah

Grab them saddlebags and
Toss em over me
Let’s ride all night

Aphex Twin – Live in Coachella 2008
LX Nen – Guilty Pleasures mix…download from here


and tonight we dance like Roland Orzabal!:


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