flash animation test, part 1

after working for hours on it yesterday, i realized that most of the little animated movements that i labored over wasn’t going to be visible long enough for people to even notice (or may not even see after i add some color to it). also realized that while there is animation, the end piece won’t actually be moving all that much. animation that won’t actually move?

since it’s work in progress, i’ll hold off on making a permalink. i’ll just log the progress IN THIS LINKYDINK HERE. you can see the illustrator (non animated) version of the piece followed by the flash (animated) version. not really feeling the eyeball animation all that much, so a new eyeball animation would be my next priority.

animated flash test, robot eye
animated flash test, robot eye

edit 01/26/10: i removed the progress animations. only the final version is up for viewing.

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