and now for something quieter mixtape

and now for something quiet not so mixed tape
click on image to download

Jens Lekman : At The Department Of Forgotten Songs
Squarepusher : Goodnight Jade / Barbie Almalbis : Sorry Song
Dinky : Miles Away
Lali Puna : Together In Electric Dreams
Salt Tank : Isabella’s Dream
Burial : Endorphin
Tycho : The Disconnect
Alias & Tarsier : Cub
Björk : All Is Full Of Love (Plaid mix)

since it’s only 30 minutes long, i guess it’s more like half a mixtape….

edit: this was a test run for a longer mix. this is the longer version (even though the songs are different) that this inspired HERE.

edit: moved to the EXTRAS section in the archive

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