some kid’s drawing / don hertzfeldt animation

sometimes you have to wonder what the thought process is when you’re a kid and you’re drawing something:

a child's drawing

like, why is the kid floating on his chair, or the bowl is all the way across on the other side of the table, or why is he using a fork when it looks like he’ll be eating a bowl of soup. and why is the fork so damn big? it’s like that Don Hertzfeldt Rejected cartoon, My Spoon Is Too Big:


i recently noticed some commercials that look like Don Hertzfeldt’s work, but apparently those were just commercials that were trying to mimic his style/humor. i should get more of his animated collections on dvd. i only have this one so far:

Don Hertzfeldt, Bitter Films Animated Shorts Vol. 1 1995-2005

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