got my 11 yr old nephew hooked on chris cunningham

Directors Label volume 2 DVD, Chris Cunningham

this is the only Directors Label that i have (well there is the Spike Jonze one laying around the house, but it’s not mine). it’s fairly bare bones as far as content (a few notable videos were made after this release, more on these later). my favorites, starting with the first video of his that i saw:

Autechre – Second Bad Vibel


Bjork – All Is Full Of Love


Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy


Portishead – Only You


some videos made after the Directors Label release:

The Horrors – Sheen Is A Parasite


Rubber Johnny


i also happen to have the Aphex Twin – Windowlicker VHS release:

Aphex Twin Windowlicker VHS

it would’ve been nice if i could photograph my copy of res magazine with Chris Cunningham on the cover from a few years back except that it was a plain white cover with Chris’ image printed with a clear varnish. the article that appeared in that issue H E R E.

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