battle of the hair horrors

not the scary little asian girl with long hair horror again! ha! no scary girl this time, instead we have actual hair-themed horror movies:

first up from japan, Exte from 2007:

Exte directed by Sion Sono

versus the 2005 korean horror The Wig:

The Wig horror movie


Exte really IS all about hair on a campy, absurd level — a hair fetish movie. this movie was rather dissapointing. bad pacing with a smattering of bizarre sequences here and there (and way too much CGI to boot). i’ve only seen one of the director’s previous work (Strange Circus), which i enjoyed, but this just wasn’t all that great or scary.

don’t be mislead by the gory dvd cover art for The Wig. while there are a few gory parts, it’s more of a dramatic movie with the usual j- or k-horror elements thrown in (with just a slight new “twist” as a far as the haunted party is concerned). though lacking anything that you could say sets it apart from the glut of asian horror, it’s a whole lot more watchable than Exte (which can be frustrating at times).


trailers for both:

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