snow leopard

apple snow leopard

installing it on the mini first (need to back it up first) since i don’t use too many apps there. crossing fingers that the apps on my laptop will still work when i do an install there.

update: list of problems so far

1) logitech marbleman is buggy. the cursor would just shoot off to the left side of the screen for no reason and hard to roll it back to the right. logitech driver has not been updated.

2) Preview isn’t as useful or handy as before. sometimes selecting various images does not always open (and when it does, it doesn’t always open in one window with a sidebar)

3) Shoebox doesn’t always remember the last folders you just moved images to.

4) HD mkv files don’t work/play that well anymore. the newer quicktime doesn’t even recognize the mkv file.

i still have not installed it on my MBP yet.

Update 3-20-2010:
Installed it on my laptop and so far no issues. Gained 20 GB of space (since i didn’t install any printer drivers and other languages). everything runs faster, even some apps that i’ve had since Tiger (which means i can hold off on buying new versions for now). Battery health seems to have dropped 30-40% according to istatpro.

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