micronauts biotron


I remember back in 1979? my grand dad asked what I wanted as a gift and remember pointing at a robot toy in a newspaper ad. He came back a year later and gave me this toy. At the time, I was disappointed since this wasn’t the robot that was in the ad. The toy got pretty beat up after a few years (around the mid 80’s) and I think it got thrown or given away. This is from the line of toys (Micronauts/Microman) that eventually spawned the Transformers.

Fast forward to the early 2000’s, and with the help of ebay, i managed to acquire one of my childhood toys. This is the Italian release (the copy on the box is mostly in Italian).


The rubber tread on the back has since cracked and broken off, and some of the stickers that were on the shoulder have peeled off too. the stickers on the bottom if its feet is still intact though. Click here to see a complete version of the toy (with stickers etc).


And yes, this robot comes with a buttcrack.

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