dirtylaundre sessions no.41 and 42

Opposite ends of the spectrum podcasts:

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Jon Hopkins – Autumn Hill
Plaid – This City Is Hell
Hauschka & Stefan Schneider – Common Exposure
Lamb – Blessing In Disguise
Jon Hopkins – Small Memory
Syntaks – Coming Home
Koss – Ocean Waves (Minilogue Dream Drone Remix)
Kevin Andrew – Three Weeks
Bows – King Deluxe
School Food Punishment – Transient
Björk – Amphibian (The Mark Bell Remix)
Grace Jones – The Crossing (Ooh the Action…)
Underworld – Ansum
Plaid – Beginnings
Madonna – Drowned World/Subsitute For Love
Up Dharma Down – The Cold Is Warmth
Jens Lekman – Rocky Dennis’ Farewell Song

Chilled-out session for dirtyradio

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BTK & Presence Known – 40 Channels Of Funk
NC-17 – Attitude Era
Neonlight & Hedj – System Error
State Of Mind – Moneytrain VIP
Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind – Red Velvet
Photek – Full Spectrum Dominance
Photek – Sidewinder (Hochi Remix)
Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – More Like You (Unknown Error Remix)
Leon Switch – Neptune
Axiom – Tabula Rasa
State Of Mind & Axiom – Deadzone
Psidream, Axiom, Optiv – Break In
Optiv – Brainworm
Black Sun Empire & Noisia – Winter War
Ketz – Kali Matha

Drum & Bass mix for dirtyradio

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