finally got a bluray player

80 bucks at best buy (til i can afford an Oppo player)

had to get a bd disc to test (had the Scott Pilgrim one last year, plus the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Trilogy) so I opted for 13 Assassins:


i’m just gonna copy and paste my mini review from another forum here:

13 Assassins (2010 and 1963 versions): I watched the Takashi Miike version first, found out it was a remake, so i tracked down the original too. Both are really good (the parts that make them good are different between the 2 films). the 1963 version is very beautifully shot, especially the wide, landscape shots ala Sergio Leone westerns. Miike’s remake is more epic in it’s bad-assery (action, character depictions)…definitely has more of Spaghetti Western vibe going for it.

********************* SPOILERS ************************

Naritsugu, the guy they are trying to assassinate, is more of a petulant brat in the original, he’s much more coldblooded, bloodthirsty and ruthless in the remake. Hanbei, Naritsugu’s main Samurai, has a bigger role in the final battle in the original (he more or less stole most of the screentime in the original battle). Miike added some WTF moments, one of which is a side plot/story for the 13th assassin. the “ronin” amongst the 13 is wimpy in comparison to the remake version of the character (technically the 13 are all ronin since their goal is to kill their “master”, the next in line for the Shogunate). it’s 13 versus an army of 200….in the original, not all of the 13 are involved in the final battle and more of them survived (only 1 of them survives in the remake). Shinzaemon (the leader of the 13) does not fight during the battle though he does kill Naritsugu. in the remake, he’s fighting in the battle from start to finish.

********************* SPOILERS ************************

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