there are starving children in china…

that’s what my grandmother would always say when we wouldn’t finish our plates when we were little.

but anyway, Friday had lunch over at Siam Nara with one of my best friends:

If you look carefully, it’s a large plate, but the portions aren’t really that big. Tastes great, though. LOVE the salad. They have a spicy scale from 1-10, I asked for an 8…which tasted more like a 5-6.

Saturday, got some rubios with their updated new menu (i think):

Salsa Verde Shrimp Taco and Red Chili something taco. I had a Mango taco a few weeks back which was spicy hot (i didn’t see it on the menu, so I don’t know the exact name).

I don’t remember the name of the taco shop that I ended up at late Saturday night (after hanging out with some current, ex, and soon to be ex-coworkers), but they had some damn good calamari strips. Surf & Turf Burrito was alright.

I think I’ll just be eating granny smith apples the rest of the week…


Some poor animal decided that life was not worth living anymore and kamikazeed it’s way across a 6 lane road Sunday night. He got to lane number 4 and wiped out a chunk of my car’s front lip spoiler. damn.

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