ode to hipster girl

dirtylaundre sessions no.72 on dirtyradio.org:

01. Karen O & Squeak E. CLean – Hello Tomorrow (adidas version)
02. Zoo Kid – Out Getting Ribs
03. Little Jinder – Polyhedron (Aumenaire Remix)
04. Broken Social Scene – Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl
05. Gayngs – The Gaudy Side Of Town
06. Massive Attack – Paradise Circus
07. The Sounds – Better Off Dead (Young Galaxy Remix)
08. Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton – Mostly Waving (TodorK Remix)
09. Twin Sister – All Around The Way We Go
10. Rubies feat. Feist – I Feel Electric (Tiedye Remix)
11. Matthew Dear – You Put A Spell On Me (Breakbot Remix)
12. Baths feat. The Los Feliz Ladies Choir – Hall (The One AM Radio Remix)
13. ZU x Brooke Fraser – Hiding
14. Small Black feat. Heems – Two Rivers
15. Light Asylum – A Certain Person (Demo Version)
16. Theophilus London – Humdrum Town
17. Kleerup feat. Robyn – With Every Heartbeat


don’t feel like re-typing it all, so I’ll copy and paste what I already posted @ dirtyradio

I was originally going to dedicate this show just as a thank you to Em at oldmadedesign.com, for constantly bugging me years ago with “Are you a DJ?” “Are you sure you’re not a DJ?” “Maybe you should try DJing, you look like a DJ”, and me begrudgingly trying my hand at it eventually…I most likely would not even be on Dirtyradio without it (Fake DJing my way as I go). So this show is in the style of those CD’s I used to give you from 2005 and 6. I dedicate this show to (just recently turned ex-coworker) Elizabeth along with Emily. I hope the music I shared makes up for our lack of conversations (oh, and sorry Em for your last day at work when I answered “No, not really” when you asked if I would miss you, or most other times when I’m being an ass when you try to talk to me). Do you know that one of my favorite bands is called The Aloof?

To another old coworker/carpooler, Dave, from way back (before cassette tapes disappeared), all tatted up and been in and out of county jail a few times (you might’ve been just freshly out of jail when we worked together) which my other coworkers’ were worried he might snap, shank me, then steal my car…for enjoying all the death metal, aggro industrial and hardcore music I would play that you wanted a cassette copy of…and thank you for not shanking me. We Cool. Didn’t think you would.

I dedicate all these shows in general, past and future sessions, to everybody else that I gave random tapes/mixtapes too, and vice versa (even the Jim Brickman cd you gave me, Jen). These sessions are for the friends, the hipsters, the vagrants, the ex-coworkers, the ones nice enough to share thoughts on music, the scenesters, the posers, that one guy in college that tried to emulate the way I looked and even started to talk exactly like me…not cool, Dude. That shit’s creepy. The poppy club djs at bars/clubs that play cheesy dance music and pop songs, that made me look for those songs anyway cuz “I remembered those songs from last night when I was drunk.” And a thank you to my Auntie Susan for the walkman back in early 1987, without it I would not have experienced the joys of sleeplessness listening with headphones on til the wee hours of the morning (a bad habit that has not quite gone away).

And lastly, to the Dirties who bothered to take the time to listen to my crap nearly 7 years ago when I first started sharing these on the web (I can see some of you are still listening to some of those old ones even in 2012…I swear, I’ve improved…please listen to my newer stuff). And to the Dirtyradio crowd who still listen to whatever I come up with, even if there are very few of you, I hope you enjoyed/are enjoying what I’ve shared.


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