dirtylaundre sessions no.74

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podcast for dirtyradio


Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Butch Clancy Remix)
Modestep – Sunlight 2011 (Calverton & Helicopter Showdown Remix)
Ember Waves feat. Casey Abrams – Don’t Need No Misery
Rye Rye feat. Robyn – Never Will Be Mine (Kill The Noise Remix)
Curtis B feat. Sue Cho – It’s All Over (Deekline & Ed Solo Remix)
321 vs Tim Healy & Deekline – Bring It Back (Ed Solo & JFB Remix)
Break Science – Resistance March
Rihanna feat. Jay-Z – Talk That Talk (Break Science Remix)
Sabi – Wild Hearts (Zeds Dead Remix)
Rihanna – We Found Love (Gold Top Dubstep Remix)
Paul Thomas – Buzz Killington (Funk Agenda Remix)
At Dawn We Rage – Chemtrails
SchoolBoy – Checkmate
The Wanted – Glad You Came (Noir Dubstep Remix)
Darren Styles – Here Tonight (Christian The Lion & Glitchdick Remix)


Just like with any music genre, certain artists will pop up and suddenly they “define” that “sound” of said genre. In this case, Skrillex is suddenly the face of dubstep in the US (you hear his sound in commercials even)…but just a few years back the “face” was either Skream or Burial (two extremely different sounding ends of the dubstep spectrum). Skream and Skrillex’s sound being the ones most associated with the genre name since it’s the sound you can rock arenas/big clubs with…as opposed to Burial who has spawned his own subgenre, Burialstep…which is more appealing to the people who listen quietly with their headphones on.

I guess what I’m getting at is that dubstep, or at least the sound that is most associated with it (which is actually the subgenre, Brostep…you know, for tha Bros!) has reached the same stage as Trance did in the late 90’s. Dubstep is the new cheese or dirty word amongst the music snobs. Just like Trance, the majority of it’s mass audience has gravitated towards the formulaic, and not necessarily the good kind. That’s not to say that the deeper quality of the genre does not exist, it’s just that most people will suddenly just dismiss anything associated with the genre name. Kinda sad.

But anyway, I played this only as a change of pace (and even left some of the trainwrecks in from when I mixed it) because I have trouble listening to just one side of a genre (I’m not going to be dismissive/divisive about it). I do prefer to have the ones that actually have a lot more dub and/or step (hence the term dubstep) to the music, the aggro in me just needs to be satiated from time to time 😛

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