tycho’s nova

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Tycho’s Nova is at once a story, a journey, and a moving collection of words and photographic images. It was originally conceived as both a script for a feature film and an idea for a photographic book and has ultimately become a modern fairytale of simplicity and beauty.

Tycho’s Nova interleaves a fictional narrative concerning four people and their mutual experiences and is documented in photographs and words by author, Graham Wood, as he travels through Scandinavia in winter, en route to the arctic circle.

The photos were all taken in black and white on slide film with a Lomo camera and then cross-processed. Text is read across the spread, rather than across the page and leads the reader through the photographs so that one complements and enriches the other In

layout and typography Tycho’s Nova is simply brilliant.



i got it dirtied:

Links: Graham Wood | tomato

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