faces mixed media

my education in art back in high school consisted of my art teacher handing me different materials/media with the simple instruction of “do something with it”.


i remember having no interest in taking any art classes back in school. having moved around different schools, i remember turning in artwork for a school art show in junior high and the art teacher asked me “hey, how come I’ve never seen you in class before?” Well, i’m not signed up for your class…”why aren’t you signed up for any art classes?” Uhhh, i just moved here, get off my back! (i didn’t say that last part).

after some goading by an art teacher in 10th grade (you had to take 1 artsy class to graduate HS) i don’t even remember what class it was, she recommended i seriously take Studio Art Class my junior year, which lead to my Studio Art Class teacher giving me a letter of recommendation to be in the Open Lab Art class (not the exact name) on top of a Senior Studio class, which meant I had 4 art classes my senior year in HS.

So Thank You Mrs. Davies and Mrs. Carrick for giving me such an easy senior year.

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