N4K3D Series : Red 001

Brief project synopsis:

My goal is to create a series of illustrations that blurs the line between photorealism and stylized vector artwork, while at the same time attempting to mask the technique or medium that is being used. While this may be easier and faster to create in photoshop or other paint programs (or maybe even by hand), I prefer to have it vector based for the scalabilty in print resolution (essentially the option to size it up to a poster size).

This is project is also an exercise in trying to create vector based artwork not look, well…vector based. I find most photorealistic vector art, while visually amazing, I find that it still looks too digital. I am not to fond of the autotraced look, and even though I’m using Adobe Illustrator I am trying to eliminate a very “line art” look.

This is the first in the series…it’s technically the second one since this is actually a continuation of Goodbye, Алекс / Rusty Tracing Skills (search this blog with those terms). This too is misleadingly titled (or is it?). With Goodbye, Алекс, I couldn’t make up my mind on whether it should be more realistic or more stylized even as I was in the middle of working on it. So I will just try to sound academic and say I want it to look like both ha ha.

N4K3D Series will be built entirely in Adobe Illustrator. For Goodbye, Алекс, my artboard was 60 x 80 inches (which was overkill to say the least), but starting with Red 001 going forward my document size is set to 27 x 40 inches. The smaller size (yes, it’s still a large size) is to keep me from trying to add way too many details/colors and hopefully that speeds up the time it takes me to finish each of these illustrations. Red 001 still took me more than 12 hours to finish (not counting 3 hours I spent the first day, before starting over from scratch again). Some of these will not be as simple looking, but hopefully I can keep the production time consistently low.

Semi Time Lapse view of Red 001

The yellowish version at the beginning was the initial 3 hours that I ended up scrapping. You can also see that I am using a smaller gradient mesh than Goodbye, Алекс.

as with Goodbye, Алекс, this has alternate color versions (because I can’t decide) and may even do a “Taste For Blood Edition” like Goodbye, Алекс did, click here to view.

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