dirtylaundre sessions no.87

click above to download/stream from dirtyradio

Doing an instrumental hip-hop show

The Broken Soul System

Biblo – Lovers Carvings (Leatherette Remix)
South South Million – Baff Speech
The Airplane Boys – Born To Be
(sampled from Suburbs by Arcade Fire)
Gonzo – Stay
Mane Mane – Skin Fox
Alexander Spit – Marciano
Gonzo – Timepiece
Flying Lotus – Massage Situation
Gramatik – It’s Over (F.A.Q. Remix)
Andreya Triana – Lost Where I Belong (FLying Lotus Remix)
Alexander Spit – I Wanna Write A Love Song
Gramatik – So Much For Love
Ohbliv – Freekphone
Alexander Spit – Life Goes On
Gonzo – When It’s Cold Outside
Handbook – Know What (I Still Love You)
Pretty Lights – We Must Go On
Eliot Lipp – I Wanted To Be A Rock & Roll Star
Suff Daddy – Hospital
The Fascinations – Can’t Get Away From You
Etta James – Rather Go Blind (Lucky Paul Rework)
Mike James Kirkland – What My Last Girl Put Me Through
(Nicolas Jaar Remix)
Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (Mad Professor Mix)
Michal Menert – Drift By
Pretty Lights – Lonesome Street

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