my artwork is getting bootlegged on ebay

in the form of a button, worth $1.00 (10 available). not that its a big seller or anything, but still…

First off, I’m not really sure what I should be mad about. Should I be mad that they took an old illustration of mine from this blog (click here to see the original post) and just added a Hello Kitty ribbon on it…or the fact that the whole thing makes no sense without the text?

With the text/caption/slogan on my original, at least you can see that there was an actual cheeky play on 2 disparate icons. The bootlegged button on the other hand, taken out of it’s original context just looks…well, a Mr T. Hello Kitty. The bootlegged version makes no sense to me. On many levels.

You can google “hello pity ebay” to find the auction and buy some if you like, not necessarily to support bootlegging/copping other people’s art without permission, but it would be nice to know if my stuff has any commercial value >:P

For someone else’s take on the phrase Hello Pity that is being sold as a product, a non Mr. T Kitty shirt is available online here

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