dirtylaundre sessions no.89

Click image above to download / stream

Inspired by Nicholas Winding Refn’s Drive, I decided to make a soundtrack / soundscape style podcast with a halfstep drum n’ bass mix thrown in. Available on Dirtyradio.


Mohn – Saturn
Bot Cipryan – Astral Breeze (Ambient Mix)
Mental Health Consumer – Late Afternoon Last November
Croms – Invisible Cities
D Bridge – City Of Lonely Runaways
Distance – Fading
Phaeleh feat. Soundmouse – Afterglow (D Bridge’s Faded Light Remix)
Mathew Johnson – Cold Blooded (D Bridge’s No Love Mix)
A Perfect Circle – Blue (Remix)
Gus Gus – Gun
Silver Swans – Best Friend In Love (Bachelors Of Science Remix)
Silver Swans – Video Games
Desire – Under Your Spell
Jon Convex – Fade (G. Vump Remix)
The XX – Intro (Deep Focus Remix)
Blu Mar Ten – Last Life In The Universe
Rebecca & Fiona – Dance
Blu Mar Ten – By The Time My Light Reaches You’ll Be Gone
Recycle Culture – Minneapolis Belongs To You (Elite Gymnastics Cover)

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