looper / brick

A lot of reviews references Rian Johnson’s first collaboration with Joseph Gordon Levitt, and most of the comments leans more towards liking Brick more (I am in that category). Nevertheless, Looper is still a movie that, like it’s predecessor, is hard to classify since they both stand out from other films/movies within their respective genres. I would have preferred Looper to have stayed in it’s neo-noir style of the first third of its running time (I guess, just like Brick), but I did enjoy not knowing where the story was headed the rest of the movie. Well, not true, you can somewhat guess 1 or 2 directions the story can go, but it still kept it interesting enough with little twists and questions all the way through the end.

There’s is also the element of making you think of what you yourself may do if you were placed in such a situation. If you ended up travelling back in time, what would you be doing? As for myself, most likely I’d be a hoarder and just grab all of the stuff I’ve missed or lost so I wouldn’t have to google and ebay for old things. ha!

Or would you still be nostalgic when you get there? Isn’t the enjoyment of nostalgia the fact that those are things that are past and not of the present?

As for the paradoxes of time travels (in the cinematic sense), Looper like all other time-hopping scenarios always gets you to which came first, the chicken or the egg. You always wonder how it began in the first place, not the time-travelling part but the scenarios or circumstances that lead up to what the movie was about. What was there at the beginning?

Rather than pointing you to Terminator, I suggest checking out Time Crimes, another film that deals more with decisions and consequences…and chicken and eggs.

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