the heartburns as the mouth waters

wanted to clear up some space on my phone, and i found a bunch of recent food pics lol. i’m more of this and not this

i didn’t shoot this for presentation purposes, it’s crab with other foods dumped on top of it. when you’re at a buffet, it saves time to just have everything on one plate lol.


gourmet shrimp tacos. with bacon. always order it with the bacon


chicken and pesto pizza


la paz shrimp and beef burrito. the picture doesn’t look that enticing, but trust me this is like crack. this is my substitute for the surf burrito at Lucha Libre’s, although Lucha Libre has the awesomely tacky mexican wrestling decor and Mango salsa.


malt vinegar with the cajun fries, bacon cheeseburger with EVERYTHING and hot sauce. goodbye health.


a coworker brought this in at work. by “artifical” chicken flavor, they meant it tastes like fried chicken skin.


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