hibachi or sushi?


Not really all that fond of hibachi restaurants here, you are mostly paying for the “entertainment” value of having someone cooking in front of you. Only a third of our party ordered the hibachi (while the rest just ordered sushi) but we still ended up paying a rather gratuitous gratuity (including tax, it came out to a whopping 26% extra per person, yikes!)


My dinner: Dragon roll (i should’ve gotten the Red Dragon Roll, which was the spicy version), Dynamite Roll (baked crab and scallop topped with something and sriracha sauce, loved it!) and some Nigori unfiltered sake. i shouldn’t say some…it was the large size and i hogged it all for myself. (Not pictured, calamari tempura). I porked out since I hadn’t eaten all day after biking to, from and around a lake (30 miles total).


excuse me sir, but your back is on fire j/k

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