this tiny iron man


is badass. except for the uneven weight distribution that causes it to topple over and fall from my desk numerous times, and also while I was trying to take these photos (he’s starting to get dinged up, see scar on his let cheek). It does come with a stand/clamp for flying poses and to help it stand up, which I didn’t feel like using.


Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 7: Hero’s Edition by Goodsmile Company



  1. Emily

    I just bought one from my local Comic Store!!
    But for what I gathered, is that I’m having a hard time removing his hands whenever I want to change them. Even until now. 😦 ….. and his elbow doesn’t bend well. But overall, he is a great piece!!! 🙂

    Can you give some advise on this marvelous figurine?

    Thanks and regards! 🙂


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