The Eyes / A Moment Before The Smile

n4k3d_black_002 click on image to view wallpaper sized version

[ N4K3D : Black Series 002 ]

Most realistic illustration I’ve made so far (out of 4) in my own little vector/gradient mesh project, also the first to only use 1 block/shape with the gradient mesh. Still not the most efficient technique, but it does yield a nice effect (it looks a lot more realistic in smaller sizes). It was originally meant to be blurrier hence the title, but I spent a few more days fine tuning the details, mostly in the eyes. In the timelapse below, the grin/smirk subtly becomes more pronounced while the eyes rather creepily moves the more detailed it got.





edit: Softened the color contrast by adding a separate block of color on a separate layer. You can click on the image to view a larger version.


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