eyes without a face


“Les Yeux Sans Visage … your eyes without a face…” Couldn’t wait for the blu ray version to be released so I tracked down the old Criterion dvd instead. There is still a creepy overall feel to it for a film made in 1960, even if it is rather tame by today’s standards.


Included in the disc is a documentary by the same director, George Franju, titled Blood of the Beasts (Le Sang des bêtes) contrasting between a “typical day” at a slaughterhouse and idyllic location shots in France…I couldn’t finish watching it. It is rather gruesome even in black and white. The narration definitely adds a twisted touch.

NSFW…also not safe for your lunch or while eating:


If you originally clicked to read this post expecting Billy Idol’s song of the same name, that was my first exposure to the title too which was one of the very first videos and song I’ve heard/seen that blew my mind (I was a wee little kid back then):

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