ramen hunting


I’m late to the ramen game. So I decided to hit up 2 spots. First up, a Ramen place:

This one’s open with “regular hours” Not really a whole lot that interested me on the menu so I ordered the takoyaki (octopus fritters) not too bad. The red ginger was tasty. There are a lot of options as far as the ramen is concerned so I got the House ramen, Kotteri style. There’s a good amount of stuff in there, boiled egg split in half, at least 2 pieces of pork etc. No real aftertaste until way after, which ended up as salty.

Round 2, an Izakaya place:

Don’t mind the lousy ramen photo, it doesn’t do the actual bowl any justice. This place is only open from early evening to past midnight (Izakaya = after work pub, essentially) and farther away from my place. Though they lack the multitude of options (or maybe we chose the simplest one on the menu) and assorted added ingredients than from Round 1, the actual broth was much richer and creamier in taste. The flavor gets you right away too. Having sushi on the menu is a plus, too though it’s a nice big roll size, the actual seafood content is rather dinky. But it does taste good.

The only other place I’ve been to was the ramen shop inside one of the Japanese grocery store and I only ordered Udon. I should try that place again sometime.


There’s always this in my pantry, cuz we sophisticated like that. make it fancy with a dash of tabasco:

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