every song i hear on the radio



the chorus contains any combination of the above words

Don’t know why this annoys me since i really don’t listen to the radio unless i have no choice, like at the mall or in somebody else’s car…and yet I’m quite fond of the last time Oh Woah Oh songs were the rage:


They’ll quite often be a sound that is the sound of the moment, and every record will have that sound. At the moment, there’s that vocal that goes “oh woah oh”. This summer, on every Italian record, there was at least one “oh woah oh”. I think that’s been the theme for 1985.

Often the lyrics are very banal, there’s this great one called “Capsicum” that’s a green pepper isn’t it? And the chorus goes “Capsi capsicum oh woah oh”. That is brilliant. The banality of them often makes them strangely moving, somehow. I don’t think a lot of people will appreciate things like this.

Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys


more from this article:

The Roots of “Italo Disco”

Regrettably, lyrics played a minor role in Italo Disco songs. Many Italian Dee Jays-turned-singers couldn’t really speak English at all, therefore you can often hear voices being manipulated by computers or using a vocoder with overdubs. Lyrics in Italo Disco were often just outright gibberish. I am not asserting that a dance song must reach a high mark in poetry, but it certainly helps if you could sing along.

“…A perfect example where the melody is amazing and the lyrics are awful is in the song “Love In Your Eyes” by Gazebo. Could be as pop perfect a song you’ll ever hear, however, “You are just a damn sequencer/Digital Delay” would not go down in history amongst the most beautiful or meaningful lyrics ever written.”

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