for your halloween viewing consideration : [rec] yo self, [rec] series


Spanish horror series. The first one is better known in the US as Quarantine (The dvd cover for REC says “the movie that inspired Quarantine”, but is it really inspired when it’s a direct English language remake?). Now, if you’ve seen Quarantine, then REC is virtually the same…except better in a lot of ways (pacing, visually more realistic, a more claustrophobic feel etc).

REC2 is the direct sequel, happening immediately after the end of the first REC, it’s best if you can pick up and watch both at the same time aka a marathon of craziness (you don’t need to bother with the blu-ray, you can find the dvds for the series very cheap). Both REC and REC2 are in the first person, found footage genre…but not necessarily in the fast zombie genre. The story in REC2 switches up to reveal that it’s a demonic possession series. If the American remake is all you have to go by, Quarantine and it’s direct to video sequel are both zombie/infection movies. The Quarantine sequel though is not a remake of any of the REC movies (it’s also not a found footage horror movie).

REC3, only uses the first person footage device in the early part of the story and is more of a sidestory happening in the same movie universe as the first 2 movies. I recommend the first 2 in the series, 3, eh not so great. The Behind The Scenes and Making Of on both the first 2 movies (included in the dvd) are really great too. The final installment of the series (not out yet) will be a direct continuation of the character/story arc from the first 2 movies.


all the trailers including the Quarantine movies:

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