Billy Scapegoat : Urban Criminal Edition


Since the beginning of time, people, groups, things and places have been blamed for things they didn’t do. These unfortunate victims of unjust blame are known as scapegoats. Until recently, the act of blaming others for ones mistakes has been faceless and anonymous, but to everyone’s surprise this very act has decided to take form and come out to show its ugly face. It goes by the name of Scapegoat Billy and its sole purpose is to inflict discriminatory blame on the innocent.

Billy thrives off its victim’s sorrow and helplessness, which is why it uses its semi-transparent belly. The belly is used to trap and display the vulnerable Blamees. Once the Blamees are securely trapped in its belly, Billy transforms its appearance to label, subjugate and ultimately blame its victims. Scapegoat Billy’s cold stare is a testament to its indifference and lack of moral values, but Billy is cunning and deceptively creative. It knows the power of good iconography, symbolism, color and graphics, which are all tools in its arsenal of deception and stereotyping. So be careful, it might want to blame U next.


scapegoat7sculpted butt crack ftw

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