the ghost in you she don’t fade


just for kicks we went on a local ghost tour. mostly my camera acted weird,
which is supposedly normal for electronic equipment to react to anomalies
or spirits or what have yous. here are some of the pics i took that night.
you can click on each pic for a larger version.


after adjusting my camera settings (i kept it at the same settings for
most of the tour), i tried taking a picture of Beks’ shoes just to see
if the colors show up correctly, and as you can see from the first
two pictures in this post, somethings don’t seem
to want to be pictured….


1. most of the shots that refused to photograph properly shows up
as blown out images, with a “doubling” or moving effect,
like this tree for instance…



2. moved a few steps past the tree and took a picture of
the store across the tree. picture is fine



3. took a picture of the tree again….



4. this almost looks like daytime….


5….except this is how it looks when i turned
to photograph the area to my right



6. this is taken to the right of picture no.4 facing the other way


7. i moved a few steps to the right….



8. doesn’t like me taking its picture….


9….but moving the camera just to my left….



10. took a quick snapshot of the window of an old house tucked in a
very dark corner of the lot. not sure where the light squiggles came
from since there wasn’t any light reflecting on the house at all…



11. momentarily switched my camera settings back to get
an idea of how dark this place was



12. switched the settings back the same as picture no.2
(or the other shots in this post) and took a photo
from the opposite side of picture no.11


13. retook another picture a few seconds later….
is that a lightning bolt in the middle of the shot?



14. normal settings, picture is still….


ghostinyou19ghostinyou17 ghostinyou20

16. looks 3D / misregistered for unknown reasons.


i’m not even sure what this is….


One comment

  1. Fred Platje

    I also worked in a photoshop from a friend in the analoge ages, noticed the same nice effects on pics from customers who could refuse to take the crappy shots, we had a nice collection from that 🙂

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