So we here we have new flooring, open concept floorplan, new paint in your neighborhood……this blog reno flip it or flop it, list it property mothers fixer upper….


not that drastic of a change from the previous incarnation, just with a few better features. I tried to find a theme where I did not have to worry too much about older posts looking out of whack ( really old posts are slightly off ) and also one where there isn’t a major aesthetic and functional change when viewed on mobile devices.  It may have also helped that on all the previous versions, I set the css to have this as a narrow blog, this was to account for older viewers using very old monitors….yeah, i’m still stuck on the old web design days of adjusting designs for outdated methods of viewing.  I still remember making a little self playing multimedia project that would fit and play on a 1.5mb floppy disk…wish i could access those old files of mine that were made in OS 9 and never got saved over, bummer but they would be the equivalent of silent films now ;P

Some of the “before” versions of this blog of yesteryears:

2007 Era header

Everything looks cleaner and functional the less I fiddle with the css
( a few of the previous settings got ported over,
but it’s been years since I’ve edited it )


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