your puffy taco smells fishy

TJ Oyster Bar  |  Chula Vista, CA

haven’t tried everything on their menu (yet).
smoked tuna taco on the far left, oyster tacos center and right. these are absolutely awesome. the smoked tuna doesn’t taste like fish, and the oyster doesn’t have that seafoody taste or feel to it
( it is cooked similar to the battered fish tacos you would get at rubios )

stingray taco on the left, shrimp diabla (spicy shrimp) on the right.
they taste just okay. never had stingray meat before.

garlic shrimp taco, also just okay.

seafood taco on the right comes with assorted seafood
including octopus and scallops. this one’s very good too.seafoodtaco

fries topped with smoked tuna, yumm

more oyster tacos.

all this oyster talk is making me feel like The Walrus


sippin on some ginger beer.  originally had this at Umami Burger in Los Angeles
(wish they had locations other than LA), need to find a place to buy them other than BevMo.


picked up some ponzu sauce for random use other than japanese food.

“baked” at the bakery

yo fam, being gluttonous is free


bread makes you fat?  whhuuuuuuuuuuu?

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