random tees, time capsule edition

Doing some late spring cleaning, while looking for some old stuff I seem to be missing, so I decided to check out one last box that was up in the storage/attic above the garage. lo and behold, it’s a box of old t-shirts (from the late 80’s to mid 90’s) mostly with my own artwork on it. these aren’t all of them:

first two, these were around the Y2k turn of the century era, just made up some graphics and sent it to an online iron-on/heat transfer shop (do they still have those?)


silkscreen class from high school (early to mid-90’s), own illustrations:


these next few shirts (not my artwork) are just ones that I wore way too much…so they look really worn out and tattered (the charlie brown shirt has a big hole to the right side of his mouth):

(the charlie brown shirt, funny)


other shirts I worked on: here and here.

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